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Need a new site for your church?

Let us build your church or community site for FREE! Using Craft CMS, we’ll build you a professional yet easy-to-manage system for your congregation and beyond.

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Modern & Simple with
Usability in Mind

We believe in a modern yet clean and simple design approach. We also make sure usability never gets lost. A site should be easy to navigate through, both visually and functionally. Here are a few examples of our past work:

CMS Coding

Craft & ExpressionEngine CMS Two great options for your site

Whether your site is on ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS, we offer custom build and expert maintenance services for either platform

  • New site build
  • Existing site migration
  • Maintenance & Enhancements
  • Code audit

Frontend Coding

Lean, accessible, and mobile-optimized code

Using Sass and latest code bundlers, we can translate your design into beautifully written frontend code

  • Bootstrap, Foundation, or custom CSS
  • Accessible & mobile-optimized code
  • Code bundled JS

Speed Optimization

Turbo-charge your site to load pages with lightening speed

Making your page load fast not only prevents visitors from leaving the site, it also significantly impacts the site’s search engine rankings. We can optimize every aspect of your site to make sure the pages load with lightening speed

  • PageSpeed site audit
  • HTML, CSS, and JS optimization
  • Server & CMS cache implementation
  • CloudFlare implementation


Implement Latest SEO Practices to Rank Higher on Search Engines

Responding to the ever-changing SEO rules, we can implement the latest & proven SEO practices to make sure your site ranks as high on search engines as possible.

  • SERP Optimization
  • Custom GTM Tracking
  • Keyword Research & Report


Audit & Install Accessibility Standards

If you’re a non-profit organization or an educational institution, let us audit and install compliant accessibility standards for your site.

  • Site audit
  • Accessibility compliance

Partner with Us

Do you have a site you need help with? Would you like to upgrade your existing system or create a fantastic new design for it? We’d love to answer any questions you might have in a no-pressure call or via email. Contact us today!

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